Development of tele-healthcare network

Development of tele-healthcare network

Zheleznogorsk Municipal Hospital No. 2

YSAR+ continues to take an active part in implementation of the tasks under the Women’s Health Program (creation of a comprehensive system of early diagnostics and prophylactics of breast cancer in the Kursk Region).

The System of Descriptions, Recommendations and Statistics of Mammography Screening (SDRS-MS) has been developed by YSAR+ for the special task of mammography screening automation.

The Zheleznogorsk Municipal Hospital No. 2 (Regional Budgetary Healthcare Institution) became the second medical institution of the town of Zheleznogorsk to put in full-scale operation a software and hardware system comprised of a computer radiography system, namely the JEMYS Digital Radiological Information System with Image Archiving Module (RIS+PACS) and the JEMYS Tele-healthcare system with a module of the System of Descriptions, Recommendations and Statistics of Mammography Screening (SDRS-MS). 


Specialists from YSAR+ provided instructions for working with the system and conducted relevant trainings for medical personnel.

The software and hardware system implemented provides an opportunity to exchange data packets between the municipal hospital, the Kursk Regional Cancer-Prevention Center and the Russian Scientific Center for Cancer Studies named after N. N. Blokhin (Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation).

Thanks to active usage of the system, routine work is made easier, with an increase in qualification level of diagnosticians from the municipal hospital. Also, their work becomes standardized, and self-learning processes are improved.