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Completed projects
Our clients
  • Beslan
    North Caucasus multidisciplinary
    medical Center
  • Bryansk
    Perinatal Center
  • Ivanovo
    Regional Clinic Hospital
  • Smolensk
    Federal center of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Prosthetics
  • Kaliningrad
    Federal Center "Cardiovascular Surgery"
  • Moscow
    Russian Oncological Scientific Center named after NN Blokhin
  • Ivanovo
    Cardiology Clinic
  • Novosibirsk
    Federal Center of Neurosurgery
  • Penza
    Regional Cancer Center
  • Barnaul
    Federal Center "Traumatology, orthopedics and endoprosthesis"
  • Perm
    Federal Center "Cardiovascular Surgery"
  • Kursk
    Regional Cancer Center
  • Vladivostok
    Primorsky Regional Oncology Center
  • Ussuriysk
    Ussuriysk central city hospital
  • Vladivostok
    Regional Clinical Center of specialized types of medical care
  • Vladivostok
    Clinical Maternity Hospital №3
  • Vladivostok
    Vladivostok Hospital №2
  • Moscow
    Medical Center of the Russian Federation Spetsstroy
  • Volzhsky
    Federal Center "kidney transplantation and dialysis MoH"
  • Moscow
    Federal Center "Cerebrovascular pathology and stroke MoH"
  • Ivanovo
    Regional Cancer Center
  • Moscow
    Main Military Clinical Hospital Academician NN Burdenko
  • Kirov
    Kirov Regional Clinical Oncology Center
  • Krasnodar
    Regional Clinical Hospital №1 them. prof. S.V.Ochapovskogo
  • Samara
    Samara Regional Clinical Oncology Center
  • Yaroslavl
    Regional Clinic Hospital
  • Saransk
    Regional Vascular Center
  • Samara
    Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after Mikhail Kalinin
  • Astana
    City Children's Hospital № 2
  • Moscow
    City Clinical Hospital №68
  • Elista
    Republican oncologic dispensary them. Timoshkaevoy ES
  • Cheboksary
    Republican clinical oncologic dispensary
  • Civilsk
    Civilskaya central district hospital
  • Novocheboksarsk
    Novocheboksarsk city hospital
  • Murmansk
    Regional Oncology Center
  • Zheleznogorsk
    City hospital number 2