October 2011

Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after M. I. Kalinin

In the Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after M. I. Kalinin and Sergievsk Central District Hospital, successful clinical tests were conducted for software-and-technical complexes of the automated system of remote tele-healthcare consultations.

A segment of geographically separated medical information network was created on the basis of the Samara Region tele-healthcare network (segment of corporate data transmission network of the Samara Region Government). Such an infrastructure solution ensures an unprecedented level of reliability of communication channels and protection of transmitted data. 

The testing site connects automated workplaces of X-ray specialists, neurosurgeons and neurologists from the Regional Cardiovascular and Traumatology Centers of Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after M. I. Kalinin to the Primary Medical Assistance Center in Sergievsk. Thus, when there are complex cases, specialists of Sergievsk Central District Hospital can create a tele-healthcare package of patient data and to send it to the regional consultation center of the Samara Regional Clinical Hospital, thus obtaining (within minutes) qualified consulting assistance of specialists connected to the system. 

The advantages of using this software-and-hardware complex are the following: data exchange (computer tomography examinations, MRI examinations, ultrasonic examinations, X-Ray examinations, endoscopy, laboratory materials) in accordance with established protocols, and their processing in a unified instrumental environment.