March 2017

Perinatal Center Bryansk


The specialists of YSAR+ completed the installation and setup works in the shortest possible time. The diagnostic equipment was connected to the single information network of the center and configured; special software for the processing and analysis of medical data developed by YSAR+ was installed. Possibility was ensured to receive and process the video stream from the operating rooms of the center. On the opening day of the perinatal center, the first remote consultation was held on the patient of the maternity hospital in Klintsy, Bryansk region. With the help of the telemedicine system, a request was sent and processed, which included the case record, data from the diagnostic apparatus and the results of laboratory tests. In the course of the real-time discussion of the case using videoconferencing, pathology was confirmed and specialists of the maternity hospital in Klintsy were advised to send the patient to the Bryansk perinatal center for further supervision and treatment.


The company's telemedicine center software and hardware complex comprising the server, the automated workstations and specialized equipment for broadcasting from the operating theater, was successfully deployed and demonstrated in the regular operation mode.