Tele-healthcare is an automated system of remote tele-healthcare consultations; it is intended for preparation, acceptance and processing of requests that are necessary for provision of remote medical consultations in electronic form.

The system ensures the following:

  1. Creation, storage, editing and rejection of consultations;
  2. Receipt, storage and processing of consultation requests received by means of external information systems, through supplementary services;
  3. Appointment of consulting doctor in charge, for the purpose of rendering of consulting service, monitoring of the whole process of consulting service provision, and monitoring of consultation status;
  4. Preparation and storage (in electronic form) of requests of information necessary for consultations, within the framework of treatment-and-prophylactic institutions' collaboration;
  5. Preparation and storage (in electronic form) of replies necessary for consultations, within the framework of treatment-and-prophylactic institutions' collaboration.

System functions

  • Simultaneous work of 150+ system users with the usage of thin-client technology;
  • Possibility for functioning of local system database to be used in the event of absence of communication channel with provider of service of system software access;
  • Possibility for creation of databank and access system as to the results of instrumental examinations (including graphical information);
  • Ensuring usage of one workstation for work of several users with different roles and access rights;
  • Choosing consultants from reference database when sending images to server as per areas of expertise and investigation;
  • Managing list of requests (supervision);
  • Preparation of requests on the basis of data of various formats (data of X-ray diagnostics; laboratory, endoscope and other investigations; graphical and textual information);
  • Receiving and sending consultation results as required;
  • As far as consultants' answers to requests are concerned, ensuring support of investigation protocols and consultants' responses;
  • Management of opinion statements: creating and editing opinion statements on consultations;
  • Managing the list of opinion statements;
  • Creating data archive for consultations performed;
  • Integration with medical information systems (searching, viewing and downloading of data from patients' health records);

Integration with institution-level and region-level DICOM databanks for accessing patients' diagnostic investigations, with built-in preview tools.

As part of system evolution, a special module was developed for automation of screening process (automated system of remote tele-healthcare consultations with a module called System of Descriptions, Recommendations and Statistics of Mammography Screening).

Objects and tasks

  • Standardization of work of X-ray diagnostician;
  • On-job self-education;
  • Statistic reporting;
  • Scientific-and-research analysis of databases for subsequent development of 'intellectual software'.



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