July 2015

Implementation of the program for lowering breast cancer mortality

In 2015, the Program for Lowering of Breast Cancer mortality started in the Chuvash Republic. The Republic Clinical Center for Cancer Prevention takes a number of measures directed at lowering mortality from mammary neoplasms.
An important area of the Program is active implementation of innovative technologies in the region. Availability of ready product and positive experience of implementation in several regions have secured choice of YSAR+ as supplier of a comprehensive solution. Information system of automation for breast cancer prophylaxis (screening) was developed by specialists of YSAR+ in collaboration with leading experts from Russian Cancer Research Center named after N. N. Blokhin.

In June 2015, an inter-regional scientific and practical conference under the title of Current Issues in Prophylaxis, Diagnostics and Treatment of Breast Cancer was held in the city of Cheboksary.

The scientific profile of the conference comprised a wide range of issues concerning prophylaxis, diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer.

In July 2015, on the basis of the Cancer-Prevention Center, a tele-healthcare center was opened. Tele-healthcare network for the purpose of exchanging images between the Republic's medical institutions, the Cancer-Prevention Center and Russian Cancer Research Center named after N. N. Blokhin will allow to increase significantly the quality of early diagnostics

As part of implementation of scheduled measures, software and hardware systems of YSAR+ were put in operation in the Cheboksary Republic Clinical Cancer-Prevention Center, in the Tsivilsk Central District Hospital, and in the Novocheboksarsk Municipal Clinical Hospital.

The Republic is seeing implementation of a prophylactic program titled Mammology Cancer-Prevention Patrol, under which remote districts are visited by specialists with a modern mobile X-ray mammography unit, for the purpose of early diagnostics of breast cancer (the unit is equipped with a digital mammograph). Specialists of YSAR+ ensured integration of the mobile mammography unit with automated workplaces of the leading specialists of the Republic Clinical Cancer-Prevention Center, with possibility of further transfer of consultation request to experts of this Center.