December 2013

Tele-healthcare in Primorsky Region

Within the framework of execution of a state contract, full-scale tests of the principal components of remote radiological diagnostics system were performed, for the purpose of more precise restatement of qualitative and quantitative characteristics, required system functionality, and necessary level of service process automation.

The technological foundation for performance of tests was ensured by the automated system of remote tele-healthcare consultations, designed by YSAR+

Five treatment-and-prophylactic institutions of the Primorsky Region participated in test operation, and 150 descriptions of investigations were prepared by highly-qualified radiology doctors in remote mode. 

N City Name of medical institution
1 Artyom  Artyom Municipal Hospital No. 1 (Regional State Budgetary Healthcare Institution)
2 Ussuriysk  Ussuriysk Central Municipal Hospital (Regional State Budgetary Healthcare Institution)
3 Vladivostok  Primorsky Regional Cancer-Prevention Center (State Budgetary Healthcare Institution)
4 Vladivostok  Clinical Hospital No. 2 (Regional State Budgetary Healthcare Institution)
5 Vladivostok  Primorsky Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1 (State Budgetary Healthcare Institution)

Primorsky Regional Cancer-Prevention Center Vladivostok Clinical Birth Center No. 3  Primorsky Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1

Vladivostok Clinical Hospital No. 2   Regional Clinical Center of Specialized Types of Medical Assistance  

Primorsky Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1