YSAR+ at the international CAREhab platform

YSAR+ at the international CAREhab platform

Presentation of speakers

The CAREhab exhibition of innovative medical solutions is held annually in Singapore and is one of the world's largest expert platforms in the field of healthcare, medical solutions, and rehabilitation technologies.

A panel session of Russian companies, Fostering the new Global Medicine & Medical Engineering Ecosystem – Empowered by Russian Innovations, was held on September 15 in Singapore at the Singapore Expo - CAREhab GO digital platform.

The event was organized by the Russian-Singapore Business Council (RSBC).

YSAR+ dedicated their report to new project implementation methods that are the most effective in today's challenging environment.

Dmitry Kusov, Deputy Director of YSAR+ JSC for Marketing and Advertising, made a report on the unique experience of contract manufacturing of medical equipment in pandemic conditions.

As part of the review of Russian innovative medical technology solutions, Daria Pishchulina, an engineer at the Medical Technology Development Department of the Novosibirsk Instrumentation Engineering Plant (Shvabe JSC), presented her company’s unique solution for HIFU therapy. This type of therapy has already established itself as a highly effective treatment method for cancer, including the globally widespread breast cancer, and Shvabe's solution has a number of advantages over foreign counterparts.

The experience gained during the implementation of the joint project with the RSBC will enable YSAR+ to actively develop their cooperation with interested companies in Southeast Asia in the field of medical engineering and development.

Considering the interest of Asian colleagues in Russian developments and the worldwide active transition of companies to the online operation mode in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, the results of successful cooperation between YSAR+ and RSBC can play a key role in the selection of potential partners to organize contract manufacturing.