Online Business Mission of YSAR+ in Switzerland

Online Business Mission of YSAR+ in Switzerland

Online business mission

On March 29, the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Switzerland, together with the JCC and the Russian Business Council for cooperation with Switzerland under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, held an online business mission of Russian companies manufacturing medical devices for Switzerland.

YSAR+ JSC presented its high-tech products competitive in the European market, while noting its readiness to enter the Swiss market of IT solutions for healthcare.


Sergey Dyachenko, Deputy Director of YSAR+, delivered a report on the medical decision-making support system developed by YSAR+, which includes a module with AI neural network algorithm for the diagnosis of cancer and SARS-CoV-2.

The event brought together on one virtual platform more than 50 Russian healthcare projects, as well as about 35 Swiss companies including major hospitals, medical technology and equipment associations, importers, as well as legal experts and representatives of the business community.

Ms. Dorit Sallis, Managing Director of the Joint Chamber of Commerce, highly appreciated the potential of Russian companies, as well as the importance of and demand for modern developments in the field of healthcare and biotechnology, particularly in the Swiss market.

Mr. Patrick Dümmler, Manager of the Health Tech Cluster, emphasized in his comments: “Increasing exports of medical products from Russia is now more relevant than ever, not only during the pandemic when traditional supply chains are disrupted, but also on an ongoing basis to ensure and maintain high living standards and life quality.”

We would like to thank the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Switzerland for the organization of this event, and the opportunity to speak up.

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