System of video security

System of video security are intended for receipt, processing, transmission, registration and storage of videos for the purpose of estimation of current situation, surveillance of actions and movements of intruders, coordination of actions of security personnel. 

The principal components of a security video surveillance system are the following:

  • video cameras;
  • lenses;
  • monitors;
  • devices for processing and storage of video signal;
  • ancillary devices. 

Video surveillance cameras can be installed both inside the premises and outside. For convenience purposes, to eliminate the necessity of moving from one place to another, picture from a specific video camera can be chosen by means of a turning control device. 

Video surveillance has the following functionality:

  • Obtainment of documentary evidence that allows to analyze events occurred at specific site;
  • Lower risk of occurrence of irregularities in shopping centers and exhibition halls; giving visitors a message of warning;
  • Monitoring of situation in any premises of the building;
  • Creation of data archive for subsequent analysis and organization of a more efficient personnel work, as well as for provision to other authorities;
  • Organization of video surveillance of remote sites (surveyed sites can be located at any place on the Earth).

We offer our customers systems of any level of complexity, which ensure the highest degree of safety. 

Using own workforce, our company performs installation of video surveillance systems for securing any sites. Depending on your objectives and wishes, we offer various types of video cameras:

  • with and without casing;
  • with color or black-and-white image, as well as cameras with day/night mode;
  • with regular or increased sensitivity;
  • with regular or high resolution;
  • for indoor or outdoor surveillance. 

Among the services offered are the following:

  • site inspection and detection of zones where video surveillance is needed;
  • defining the quantities of required equipment for installation of a high-quality system;
  • choosing the best places for video camera installation to cover the widest viewing area;
  • selection of video camera makes suitable in terms of price and quality;
  • installation and startup-and-adjustment;
  • maintenance.