Fire notification and evacuation control system


Fire notification and evacuation control systems (FNEC) are intended for warning of people in the building on fires and other emergencies, as well as coordination of their activities during evacuation. FNEC is a combination of organizational procedures and technical tools intended for solution of these issues. 

Notification system and conditions of its usage are to comply with requirements stipulated in a number of norm-setting enactments, among which the principal ones are the following: Technical Regulation on Fire Safety Requirements, Federal Law No. 123-FZ, GOST R Standard No. 53325-2009 titled Fire Combat Equipment. Technical Tools of Fire Combat Automation. General Technical Requirements. Testing Methods, and the Collection of Rules SP. titled Fire Protection Systems. Fire Notification and Evacuation Control Systems. Fire Safety Requirements.


Fire notification and evacuation control are to be performed by one of the following methods or their combination: 


  • Activation of acoustic and/or light signals in all premises of the building with permanent or temporary attendance of people;
  • Transmission of texts stating evacuation necessity, evacuation routes, movement direction and other actions directed at ensuring people's safety;
  • Transmission of specially designed texts intended for prevention of panic and other conditions which would make evacuation more difficult;
  • Placement of evacuation safety marks (indicators) along evacuation routes and their activation;
  • Activation of evacuation lighting;
  • Remote opening of evacuation exit doors (for example, those equipped with electromagnetic locks);
  • Communication between fire stations and control desks and zones of fire notification.


Fire notification is to be designed for the purpose of implementation of evacuation plans. When designing FNEC, it is necessary to provide for a possibility of its integration with civil defense notification system. 

Depending on the method of fire notification, building's division into notification areas and other characteristics, there are five types of fire notification and evacuation control systems. The necessary FNEC type is determined on the basis of the value designated by norm-setting documentation.


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