Automatic fire safety system

The automatic fire safety system (AFS) is a unified software-and-technical complex that includes automatic fire extinguishing units, alarm devices, notification and evacuation control systems and smoke protection system. 

Main functions:

  1. Detection of fire source at the moment of fire origination;
  2. Activation of all signals for launching automatic fire-extinguishing systems (for example, turning off general ventilation);
  3. Turning on smoke removal systems;
  4. Forced lowering of lifts;
  5. Unblocking of doors on evacuation exits;
  6. Turning on automatic fire protection components;
  7. Communicating on-site fire hazard to service personnel and all people present in the building.
Installation of automatic fire protection system is to be performed by specialists possessing working experience with design documentation. It is also necessary to perform regular maintenance of fire alarm system for supporting it in working conditions, as well as for complying with fire protection rules during inspections carried out by supervisory bodies.