The Endoscopy Software Complex is intended for display, processing and analysis of multimedia data obtained from analog and digital endoscopy equipment during performance of endoscopy examinations, as well as for data exchange (through DICOM protocol) with other workstations or servers forming part of medical institution's system.

Digitalization of medical equipment video signal with the help of Endoscopy system is done for the following types of endoscopy examinations: esophagogastroscopy, bronchoscopy, colonoscopy, laryngoscopy, rectoscopy, cystoscopy, colposcopy (colposcope with camera), laparoscopy



A special user interface allows treating doctors to view, at any time, the results of patients' endoscopic examinations from electronic health records. Series of diagnostic images for each patient are accompanied by opinion statements, which allows to promptly make up a comprehensive picture of patients' health conditions.


The Endoscopy system automates the endoscopy examination process and performs the following functions:

  • Receipt and transmission of video signal (AVI) and digitalization of data in DICOM format (for transmissions from any endoscopy equipment);
  • Video capture with frame-by-frame signal processing and DICOM recording in real time;
  • Breakdown of displayed regions of interest into single frames, working with overlay and subtraction of images;
  • Supplementing images with text comments;
  • Working with examination protocols;
  • Saving of data in electronic archives and transmission of information to unified hospital system;
  • Receipt and transmission of images to remote locations in real time;
  • Preparation and printing of reporting documentation.