Systems integration

Specialists of YSAR+ perform a full range of works (services related to implementation of networking and telecommunication systems), including digital phone switches, 'smart home' systems, engineering equipment control systems, video conference call systems, and control and access management systems, along the whole range from office centers to industrial enterprises:

  • Audit and pre-project investigation of networks and IT infrastructure of enterprises;
  • Preparation and reconciliation of necessary documentation;
  • Configuration and supply of the most suitable equipment;
  • Certification of the system and its separate components;
  • Additional inspection of complex equipment as to compatibility and fault-tolerance;
  • Installation and putting in operation of technical devices and system-level software;
  • Putting in operation of IT systems, local area networks and active equipment;
  • Technical follow-up and support;
  • Warranty and servicing;
  • Consulting customers.