Thermal imagers


Teplovisor Pro_Jemys.2020

Product Overview 

Mobile Complex Teplovisor «Pro_Jemys.2020» is an innovation solution to identify people who have a fever. These devices quickly scan all the people who passed by for elevated temperature and make a report when a person with fever is detected. These devices are mostly used in airports, metro, medical and educational institutions, Railways, shopping and entertainment complexes, military facilities, etc., to scan the population to prevent outbreaks such as SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola and other recent outbreak such as Coronavirus also known as the Wuhan virus.

Thermal Fever Detection Camera 

Thermal Fever Detection Camera equipped with an integrated GPU that supports a smart behavioral analysis algorithm, can perform high-precision VCA detection and real-time warning. Not only itis a fever detection, it also applied to indoor fire prevention purposes, such as engine room, ATM, conference room, factory, museum, train station, gem, power station, etc. The pre-alarm system helps you quickly discover unwanted accidents and protect your assets.


  • Image processing technology;
  • Temperature exception alarm function;
  • Bi-spectrum image fusion, picture in picture preview;
  • Strobe light and audio alarm;
  • High sensitivity sensor;
  • 3D DNR, 15 palettes of color adjustable, image detail enhancement and contrast adjustment;
  • Mirror image, digital zoom.

How it works? 

The system is integrated with IMP (Intelligent Management Platform) which automatically sends a report when the device is triggered and alert designated personnel. The system also has the ability to enter and print out a QR code of a person’s details who is detected with fever for easy identification and organization.

The camera will monitor and scan all the people who will pass by and it will detect people with fever. When someone with fever is detected, the alarm will go off to call for attention. An incident report will be generated. Email and SMS will be sent to notify designated personnel.


Thermal Module  
Image Sensor Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
Max. Resolution 160 x 120 (the resolution of output image is 320 x 240)
Pixel Interval 17 µm
Response Waveband     8 µm to 14 µm
NETD Less than 40 mK (25°C), F#= 1.1
Lens (Focal Length) 3.1 mm
IFOV 5.48 mrad
Field of View 50° x 37.2" (H x V)
Min. Focusing Distance 0.2m
Aperture  F1.1

Teplovisor «Pro_Jemys.2020.lite»


Thermal imaging system with the function of identifying persons with elevated body temperature. 

Product Function 

Usage scenario - Main entrance and exit

The intelligent temperature measuring machine can be installed in the main entrances of crowded places such as enterprises, schools, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, banks, government halls, etc., to monitor the temperature of employees, customers, and visitors in real time, effectively helping to prevent epidemics. 

Functional features -  

facial recognition to measure the temperature 

It is based on infrared thermal imaging technology, using imported infrared sensor and 2-megapixel binocular live wide dynamic camera, face recognition within a distance of 0.2m-0.8m while collecting body temperature. It works even if you wear a mask on your face, better prevent cross-infection.

Epidemic prevention and control - Fever alert

Product prevention set a high temperature warning threshold, when a person's temperature is detected to exceed the warning threshold, immediately start the voice alarm mechanism, indicating the risk of infection, effectively protect the health of personnel, and effectively prevent and control the epidemic.

Management platform - Data query

The product supports the data network upload function, which can form the temperature detection data into a table,and capture the portrait real-time upload background and push the SMS to the designated management personnel for tracking inquiry.

Product Parameter 

Operating System

Android Standard

Thermal resolution


Field of View


Max Infrared Image Size

≥320*240.0.5m;Error of±0.3°;

Camera Resolution

2 million hardware wide dynamic;

Face Verification Accuracy


Face Recognition Distance


Storage Capacity

20,000 cards, 10W event records;

Measuring Range


Display Screen

8" IPS;


Quad core RK3288   ARM-A17 1.8GH,







DC*1, RJ45*1,USB*2(OTG*1),HDMI*1,

TF SD slot*1/audio*1

Communication Mode

Wired/wireless network;

Input Power


Working Temperature


Working Humidity


Work Environment




Teplovisor «К3»

Teplovisor «К3» is an solution to identify people who have a fever. These devices are mostly used in small kiosk, Malls, airports, medical and educational institutions, shopping and entertainment complexes, etc., to scan the population to prevent outbreaks such as SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola and other recent outbreak such as Coronavirus also known as the Wuhan virus.



  • Can be used in a variety of places:
  • Support-office,
  • Subway,
  • Home,
  • Supermall shop,
  • Community,
  • Entrance,
  • Etc.


1. Accuracy: £0,2 degrees (34~45°C, place it in the operating environment for 30 minutes before use)

2. Abnormal automatic alarm: flashing + «Di-Di» sound

3. Automatic measurement: measuring distance 5 - 10 cm

4. Screen: Digital display

5. Charging method: USB charging or battery (18650 Li-ion).

6. Install method: nail hook, double-sided adhesive sticking, bracket fixing

7. Environment temperature: 10°C~40°C (Recommended 15°C~35°C)

8. Infrared measuring range: 0~50°C

9. Response time: 0.58

10. Input: DC 5V

11. Weight: 350 g

12. Dimensions: 170 х 115 х 140 mm.



High Accuracy: ± 0,2 Degrees 



 High temperature alarm/Abnormal temperature: Flashing red lights and alarm «Di-Di»


Energy saving

 One week standby. Designed for continuous, long-term use


 0,1 s quick measurement non-contact, avoid cross-infection

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