The Pharmacy System ensures automation of the whole technological cycle of operation of a medical institution's pharmacy, from the moment of receipt of pharmaceuticals to the issue of reporting and financial documentation on the results of subdivision's operations.

The main purpose of the Pharmacy System is automation of control of movement of pharmaceuticals arriving from supply warehouses or purchased by medical institutions individually, as well as automation of the process of preparation, approval, handover to pharmacy and execution of pharmaceutical orders in medical institution's sections. 

As far as the system is concerned, greater attention is paid to quantitative accounting of A Group products (poisonous, narcotic and powerful substances) and ethyl alcohol, as well as inventory-taking of expensive and difficult-to-obtain pharmaceuticals. Therefore, depending on the role set by systems administrator, the authentication subsystem restricts access to specific resources, both on data display level (in client application) and on access level. 

Principal functions 

  • Keeping of information database, gathering and archiving of information on documents concerning incoming, outgoing and moving of pharmaceuticals;
  • Entry and processing of orders from medical institution's sections concerning requested pharmaceuticals, automatic reservation of requested pharmaceuticals based on warehouse availability;
  • Accounting for outflow of pharmaceuticals on per-employee basis;
  • Rating of required pharmaceuticals, distribution of users' roles for database queries;
  • Keeping of necessary reference information (pharmaceuticals, formulation of pharmaceuticals, supplier companies, medical subdivisions);
  • Preparation of reports (turnover reports per pharmaceuticals/suppliers, reports on warehouse availability of pharmaceuticals, reports on suppliers, including printing of pharmaceutical labels);
  • Viewing history of movement of a pharmaceutical from the stage of receipt or manufacture;
  • Contacts with clinical and financial systems of medical institution.