Phone communication systems

Phone communication systems are units of switchable electric communication networks and subsystems ensuring their functioning on unified principles of layout, control, synchronization, signalling, numbering etc.; they are intended for provision of phone communication services (stationary and mobile).


To create a phone communication system, digital swiching equipment is used; this equipment is grouped to form microcellular DECT-standard systems for accomplishment of a wide range of tasks. 

Microcellular DECT communication allows to provide not only high-quality communication in home and on adjacent territory. Digital automatic phone switches play the role of routers, ensuring access to the Internet, communication between several remote offices, etc.

In the sphere of DECT-standard microcellular applications (wireless applications for digital automatic phone switches), we are using the WiFi standard more and more often; it allows to use a unified wireless internet segment at office or at home. Solutions offered allow to use mobile phones that support both DECT and WiFi standards. 

At design stage, the following is determined: 

  • Standard of digital stream being connected;
  • Placement of microcellular bases, terminating phone sockets and other accessories;
  • Possibilities to organize access to municipal phone lines;
  • Functions of integration with 'smart home' control system.

Advantages of implementation of phone communication system:

  • Creation of a single corporate phone network for geographically separated subdivisions with support for a unified internal numbering scheme;
  • Cost cutting due to support of one multi-service network instead of two (phone network and data transmission network);
  • Cost cutting for long-distance and international calls;
  • Increased disaster tolerance of the system thanks to geographical separation of call management servers;
  • Possibility of setting-up remote workplaces.

Digital phone communication systems allow to deploy unified communication systems, to integrate information systems and corporate communication system.

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