Our history

The way of the company's growth and development. We continue our way in this direction, finding new solution, new products and new technologies, and offering them to our clients.

We have started the development of unique solutions in the sphere of automation for businesses in different economic activities.

1997 Designing the integrated information system for the Russian Oncology Scientific Center after N.N. Blokhin of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, implementing the first version of financial accounting system for the oil processing company.
1998   Launching the first serial software product for medical institutions and implementing it for exploitation at the Russian Oncology Scientific Center after N.N. Blokhin of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
  1999 Developing of the unique software for the Siemens Somatom computer tomography unit of the first generation, working with operational system RT-11 on PDP 11. The images were stored in Siemens own digital format (not Dicom). Our system allowed the x-ray specialists to obtain the second workplace with all the necessary functions for post-processing of 2D/3D reconstruction.
2000   Implementing the first locally produced automated workplace for x-ray specialist in Moscow and in the Russian Federation. The software complex designed by YSAR+ ensures for the doctor possibility to receive and to process diagnostic images on individual workplace, which is integrated into the united information network of the medicinal institution.

2001 Implementing the software module "Registration office" in the new version of medical information system for the department of outpatient treatment at the Russian Oncology Scientific Center after N.N.Blokhin. YSAR+ becomes regular participant of the large specialized forums in Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, UAE, China, etc.
2002   Creating and implementing for production the specialized software module for keeping the integrated information database of the medical archive, with case stories in the cancer register department at the Russian Oncology Scientific Center after N.N.Blokhin of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
  2003 Launching the second work places for the doctors x-ray specialists in the diagnostic department of City Clinic number 7 of Moscow. Conducting the designing and implementation works, on mounting the cable systems at the Scientific Research Institute at the Russian Oncology Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, creating design subdivision at the company for all the low-current systems.
2004   First regional office is opened in Astana (Republic of Kazakhstan). There began an implementation of medical information system at the City Children's Clinical Hospital No. 2 of Astana.
  2005 Launching the diagnostic system for processing, transferring and storing images at Ivanovo regional hospital. First remote training session was conducted using the YSAR+ medical television equipment, with participation of Nizhny Novgorod regional clinical hospital after N.A.Semashko, City Clinical Hospital No. 31 of Moscow and conference-hall at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN).
The company takes active part in realization of the program of National project "Health" (in Samara and Ivanovo regions), and has opened its second regional office at Samara.
  2007 Launching for production exploitation the information system "Pharmacy". The system provides automation of the entire technological work cycle of the pharmacy unit at a medical institution, from the moment of receiving the medications and to issuing the financial report documents on the results of the department activities. 
2008   Launching for production exploitation of the software and hardware complex of medical television, for automation of the first regional center on vascular health in Ivanovo Regional Cardiology Hospital. Work places at medical institutions in Ivanovo, Shuya, Kineshma are connected to this system, and provide keeping the information database, processing and visualizing the data, 2D and 3D reconstructions, with the use of all the primary information on patient's health.


Regional solutions for the system of remote medical television consultations have been demonstrated to V.V. Putin. There was designed a typical project solution for the complex digitalization and automation of the medical institutions activities. In the framework of realization of this solution, the company provides mounting and launching services for all the engineering sub-systems, such as low-voltage cabling system, local computer network, access control system etc. Mounting and launching work was completed for the structured cabling system at Federal State Institution Scientific Research Institute of Automated Machinery after V.S. Semenikhin.

2010   Launching for production exploitation of the software complex on screening of mammography examinations as part of the framework of the program aimed to decrease cancer mortality. 7 medical institutions of Ivanovo region are connected into the integrated information space, which allows them to exchange data and get consultancy from the leading specialists of Regional oncology clinic in real time. 
2011  2011

Participation in realizing the aims of the program of healthcare modernization in the Russian Federation, in the regions of Severnaya Osetiya-Alania Republic, Primorskiy region and Samara region. Samara region, thanks to effective participation of the specialists from our regional office, was one of the first in the Russian Federation to implement in 16 medical institutions the automated system of remote medical television consultations, with high quality of all performed works. Regional presence of our company in this region was extended by opening a representation office.

2012 2012 Together with NPO RusBITech JSC our company took part in the project of Rostechnologya State Company on complex automation of hi-tech medical centers in part of launching the diagnostic complex for processing and storing images and data.  
2013  2013 Developing the project document and conducting the mounting works on the complex of automation for the Federal center of brain and vascular pathology and insult at the Ministry of Health of Russia.
2014 2014 Modernization at 17 medical institutions at Samara region of the automated system, launched in 2011 for remote medical television consultancies with support of the three level mammography screening, with the participation of the leading experts from Russian Oncology Scientific Center after N.N. Blokhin of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Launching for production exploitation in the Republic of Kalmykia at the local oncology clinic of the software and hardware complex for receiving, processing and storing the diagnostic images, with the functions of remote consultations, which would become a base for the future integrated oncology system of Kalmykia Republic. Regional representation is extended by opening a representation office in the Republic of Chuvashia (Cheboksary).

2017   Implementation (jointly with Rostec) of projects within the program of development of perinatal centers in the Russian Federation, developed by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and approved by the Government's Decree in December 2013. Equipping perinatal medical centers with IT software and hardware systems. Implementation of system for broadcasting of data streams from operating rooms, with connection to mobile solution of YSAR+ JSC (multifunctional transportable video presence system). As far as the international sphere of the company's operations is concerned, works are underway related to promotion of the newest high-tech solutions of YSAR+ in Uzbekistan, Cambodia and Singapore. Development of the company's centers of competence (participation in Russian cancer doctors' conference in Ufa, participation in educational workshops of the Russian Society of X-Ray and Radiology Specialists in the cities of Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok and Voronezh). Widening of manufacturing capacities, creation of new workplaces for production of high-tech software. Performance of scientific and practical works related to various technological solutions in the sphere of healthcare.