Modern technologies for the Dagestan Perinatal Center

Modern technologies for the Dagestan Perinatal Center

Perinatal Center

On the 1st of June, Thursday, Abdusamad Gamidov (Chairman of the Government of Dagestan) opened a new perinatal center in the city of Makhachkala. The Center is one of the largest in the region of Northern Caucasus.

Commenting on the results of the visit, Mr. Gamidov said that this unique medical institution had been opened in Dagestan thanks to the decision taken by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of the Russian Federation. Also, he expressed his gratitude to the Rostech state corporation in the person of Sergey Chemezov, its Director General, for rendering prompt assistance along the course of implementation of this project, which allowed to complete it within the shortest time period. Mr. Gamidov also added that more than 50% of the Center's equipment was Russian-made, manufactured by the Rostech state corporation within the framework of the imports phase-out program, this medical equipment being on par with similar equipment made by leading global companies.


YSAR+ participated in the comprehensive program of supply of modern medical equipment for the Perinatal Center.

YSAR+ ensured implementation of a number of the Center's information systems: automated system of remote telehealthcare consultations, medical information system, accounting and HR management system, and laboratory information system.


Specialists from YSAR+ performed assembly and startup-and-adjustment works related to installation of software and hardware system for telehealthcare services, as well as medical information system, accounting and HR management system, and laboratory information system (including server-side infrastructure, automated workplaces, and specialized equipment for transmission of data from surgery units). The telehealthcare system was connected to diagnostics equipment, which exchanges data with doctors' workplaces using specialized software developed by YSAR+.

As part of the system, the Regional Telehealthcare Center was deployed, which made it possible for medical institutions from all regions of the Republic to establish connections for organization of remote specialized consultations. The Regional Center has datalinks with the leading experts from specialized federal-level medical institutions, and these, when required, will provide local specialists with high-quality assistance in difficult cases.


We would like to remind that construction of the Makhachkala Perinatal Center (with 150 places capacity) was carried out within the framework of a special program implemented by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The Center provides all kinds of high-quality medical assistance (including in-patient assistance) in the spheres of obstetrics and gynecology. The Center has the newest equipment. The anesthesiology, revival and intensive care unit will have a capacity of 15 places, while the newborn pathology unit will have a capacity of 30 places. According to information provided by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Dagestan, doctors from the newborn revival unit will be able to provide medical care to babies with body weight from 500 grams. Annually, over 8.000 women patients will be treated here. They will receive high-quality assistance of 800 specialists.


By the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan dated May 19, the 'Republic Perinatal Center' (state budgetary institution) received a new name of Mama Patimat Republic Perinatal Center, as a sign of big respect to mothers.

The event was attended by Ismail Efendiev (Director of Administrative Affairs of the Head of the Republic of Dagestan and the Government of the Republic of Dagestan), Abdulmazhid Magramov (member of the State Duma), Musa Musaev (mayor of the city of Makhachkala), and Tanka Ibragimov (Minister of Health of the Republic of Dagestan).