Regional Project Goes Global

Regional Project Goes Global

At a meeting with the head of the republic

Sergei Y. Robsky, Director of YSAR+ and member of the delegation of the Russian-Singapore Business Council, met with Mikhail V. Ignatiev, Head of the Chuvash Republic, on November 21.

Mikhail Ignatyev, the Head of the Republic, noted that informatization of healthcare is a key factor in increasing the availability and quality of medical services. "A radical change has occurred. We will cooperate to obtain further results," - said Mikhail Ignatiev.

At the meeting, they discussed the development of advanced information technologies and their implementation in the healthcare of the Chuvash Republic.

As part of the Russian-Singapore business cooperation in the territory of Chuvashia, it is planned to implement an international pilot project in the field of digital healthcare.

"The integration of the remote consultation system (developed by YSAR+), and the patient monitoring system in the virtual hospital mode (solution of the Singapore partner of the Russian-Singapore Business Council), will ensure the use of the best world practices in regional healthcare", - said Sergei E. Pronin, Director General of RSDS Trading House LLC.

“It is no coincidence that Chuvashia was chosen as the pilot region. It is the only region in the Russian Federation where two years ago we implemented a breast cancer screening system and keep developing and expanding it. This year, similar projects will be launched in the Republic to automate the screening of lung and cervical cancer. We also started working on the implementation of a nosologic and personalized regional cancer registry", - said Sergei Y. Robsky, Director of YSAR+ and healthcare expert of the Russian-Singapore Business Council.
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