YSAR+ Training Program

YSAR+ Training Program

Regional Clinical Hospital No.1

As part of activities related to integrated implementation of JEMYS: Hospital Information System (Version 5.0.) in December 2017, an expert from YSAR+ delivered a course of lectures on the Use of Information Technologies in Healthcare System at the premises of the Department for Continuing Professional Education of the Research Institute of Regional Clinical Hospital No.1.


The course offers the trainees both theoretical knowledge about the structure of information systems and business processes and the concepts of single information space in healthcare, and practical skills of operating the specialized information systems gradually deployed in this institution by YSAR+.

JEMYS: Hospital Information System and JEMYS: Radiological Digital Information System With RIS + PACS Image Archiving Module are actively used in both diagnostic and therapeutic activities at the Research Institute of Regional Clinical Hospital No.1, while being continuously developed and covering new departments and work areas. As of today, more than 700 workstations have been launched.


The lectures were attended by about 300 trainees including the staff of the Regional Clinical Hospital. Upon completion of the course, all the trainees received certificates.