Serbia, Developing Cooperation

Serbia, Developing Cooperation

During the visit

Within the framework of development of cooperation on the basis of results of the Fifth Serbian-Russian Conference held in Belgrade in March 2018, a visit was paid to Serbia by the delegation of YSAR+ JSC and N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center (Federal State Budgetary Institution under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation). The visit was headed by Andrey Robski (Director, Center for International Projects), with assistance of the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Serbia.

During the visit, negotiations were held with representatives of the Ministry of Health of Serbia, as well as with directors of national cancer centers and their doctors.

The Russian delegation presented an innovative project for automation of breast cancer screening, which is aimed at diagnostics at symptomless stage and efficient detection of cancer diseases at early stages.


The package of integrated programs developed by YSAR+ JSC and titled 'The System of Descriptions, Recommendations and Statistics of Mammography Screening' (SDRS-MS) allows to implement the following processes:

• Standardization of work of specialists involved in mammography screening;

• Performance of educational activities 'on-the-job' with provision of access to knowledge database;

• Submission of statistical reports on performed works;

• Creation of unified inter-regional (national) registry of information on women undergoing mammography tests.


Mrs. Vesna Korac (Representative of the Ministry of Health of Serbia, Coordinator of the project for development of healthcare in the Republic) gave high praise to the system of YSAR+. Those who participated in the event, namely professional medical community of Serbia, were highly interested in the possibility to implement innovative technologies offered by YSAR+ in the healthcare system of the Republic.

Directors of the Serbian National Institute of Oncology and Radiology confirmed their readiness to support the project and to participate in its development jointly with departments of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia.

On the basis of meetings held in Belgrade, a number of agreements were achieved which are aimed at further development of cooperation in the sphere of implementation of an innovative solution for automation of breast cancer screening in Serbia's medical institutions.