Extending Cooperation with the Hellenic Republic

Extending Cooperation with the Hellenic Republic

Agreement signed

On September 2, 2019, in Larissa, in ANIMUS rehabilitation center, an Agreement on Cooperation and Mutual Partnership in the field of information technology, medical tourism and medical equipment was signed between ANIMUS group and YSAR+ JSC.


The agreement, which came into force from the moment of signing, was concluded between the Chairman of ANIMUS Mr. Achilles Davelis and the Director of the Center for International Projects of YSAR+ JSC Mr. Andrei Robsky in the presence of the 1st Secretary of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Greece Mr. Vladimir Golubkov. The Greek Government has been informed of the signing of this Agreement. It has also been widely covered in local media.

The Agreement opens up new prospects for cooperation between business structures of the two countries that are interested in mutually beneficial partnerships as well as in the development of economic relations both in Greece, particularly in Thessaly, and in the Russian Federation.

One of the purposes of the Agreement is the deployment of the SDRS telemedicine platform - the configuration of the “System of Description of Recommendations and Statistics for Mammographic Screening” - in the ANIMUS clinic.

The System provides automation of the process of field-specific remote telemedicine consultations on the basis of the SDRS technological platform using special-purpose formalized protocols.

The Russian party also noted the role of Russian Export Center JSC who provided great support to this project.

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