Pro_Jemys.2020. Investing in High-tech Product

Pro_Jemys.2020.  Investing in High-tech Product


YSAR+ JSC together with the engineering center of the Russian-Singapore Business Council and Russian enterprises of SHVABE JSC has developed and localized at Russian production facilities the Pro_Jemys.2020 mobile thermal imaging complex. The complex is targeted at both domestic and international markets.

Pro_Jemys.2020 is an innovative product, which includes a modern thermal imaging camera with a digital data processing module using the artificial intelligence technology.

Pro_Jemys.2020 scans all people passing by the thermal imager, gives a signal and registers an alarm when a person with elevated body temperature is detected.

Pro_Jemys.2020 can be used not only for medical purposes. The thermal imager can be used to prevent fires in buildings, for example, in machinery halls of production plants, in offices, at retail facilities, in museums and cultural centers, at transport and energy facilities, etc.

The warning alarm system makes it possible to identify emergencies at an early stage and timely prevent large-scale damage or destruction of the facility.

The IMP (Intelligent Management Platform) module built into the system automatically sends a message when the device is triggered and informs the persons responsible for the site safety. All recorded alarm events are automatically logged. The module can be integrated with any existing security systems.

In the Russian Federation, the Pro_Jemys.2020 thermal imager is already in use at various facilities and in public places.

The technical specifications of the Pro_Jemys.2020 thermal imager can be found here, as well as on the RSTrade Platform.