Presentation of YSAR+ Technologies in Mongolia

Presentation of YSAR+ Technologies in Mongolia


Negotiations between YSAR+ JSC and the Mongolian company Em Impex CONCERN were held on July 27. The event was organized by the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Mongolia in the format of a video conference.

In the course of the negotiations, YSAR+ specialists presented to the Mongolian party a Russian high-tech platform designed to ensure information exchange between healthcare institutions carrying out screening programs for breast cancer, lung cancer and cervical cancer in accordance with international standards.

The platform offers opportunities to conduct remote consultations, receive and process the results of screening programs, and it also includes neural network algorithms for prompt investigation and testing of lung diseases in the COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

As a result of the negotiations, the management of Em Impex CONCERN expressed great interest in the promotion of Russian advanced technology in Mongolia and asked YSAR+ to hold an expanded online presentation in the near future for leading Mongolian specialists who are members of the Board under the Ministry of Health of Mongolia, and other partners for a more detailed discussion of further cooperation.

“Mongol Em Impex Concern was founded back in 1923 and has the widest network in Mongolia; it has a strategic agreement with the Ministry of Health, and has extensive competencies. It is gratifying to note that this particular Concern is at the forefront of Russian-Mongolian cooperation in the medical industry,” emphasized Maxim Vasiliev, Russian Trade Representative to Mongolia.
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