In the Chuvash Republic was launched on breast cancer mortality reduction program.
July 2015
In the Republic Oncologic dispensary of the Republic of Kalmykia, YSAR+ ensured design, supply and putting in full-scale operation of a software and hardware complex for receipt, processing and storage of diagnostic images, with functionality of remote consultation, which would ensure in the future support of a unified cancer-prevention service in the Republic of Kalmykia.
March 2015
Comprehensive cancer center computerization
Creating an integrated system of early detection and prevention of breast cancer in the Kursk region
Modernization, in 17 treatment-and-prophylactic institutions of the Samara Region, of the automated system of remote tele-healthcare consultations implemented for practical usage in 2011
February 2014
Conducted "full-scale" testing of the main elements of external beam diagnostic system.
December 2013
A package of working design documentation has been prepared; first stage of installation works is completed.
December 2013